Yosemite Low Disk Space Issue Resolved 2022

Not Enough Free Disk Space Apple Mac

Easy Steps to Delete "Other" Space and Speed Up Your Mac

Few things are more annoying than low disk space on your computer. Since the launch of Yosemite (and the future release of El Capitan), file management has become a little more complicated.

Many tools in the App Store just won't do the trick, so I'm here to show you some root-level-access ways to clear, reduce and delete the 'other' section on your Mac and free up hard drive space.


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Step 1 Download:     OmniDiskSweeper

Step 2 Install OmniDiskSweeper on your mac and drag the launcher to the application

Step 3 Open Terminal command and type this command: Sudo /Applications/OmniDiskSweeper.app/Contents/MacOS/OmniDiskSweeper

Step 4 OmniDiskSweeper will open then select your Macintosh HD and click on Sweeap Select Drive and give all files and disk permission to OmniDiskSweeper

After this, it will start scanning your disk wait until the process completed

After completion, it will show you the usage/size of directories. Expand your directories and files that are using your other storage then double click on the folder or file remove them manually. If the application then removes the application.

Caution! Please be careful while deleting files do not remove any file from the system directory, Please make sure that you are deleting temp or unnecessary files and folders.


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