Support Service Level Agreements

Below an outline of our standard service level agreements.

Scope of Services

RAPID IT SUPPORT LIMITED will provide computers network maintenance and network infrastructure maintenance including servers and computers on site. Which includes smooth running of the network, server’s data backup and network configuration.

Every ticket/incident is assigned a priority when it arrives in our support desk, every incident is dealt with as promptly as possible where we would aim to resolve most incidents or queries within a 30-minute window regardless of their priority.

Every issue has its own complexities, and quite often work arounds can be found to allow the end user to continue working.

First Response to all incident types 30 minutes
Estimated Resolution – Critical Incidents 1 Hour
Estimated Resolution – Medium Priority Incidents 6 Hours
Estimated Resolution – Low Priority Incidents 24 Hours
Estimated Resolution – Major Break Down Depends on the Damage (1 Hour – 2 Weeks)

Critical Incidents

Priority URGENT, Immediate - 1 hour

Customer’s Environment is down or severely corrupted, and/or business operations are critically impacted.  


  • No server access
  • Whole network is down
  • Email exchange is down
  • Website is down

Priority Medium, Immediate - 6 hours


  • Printer not working
  • Emails are down for one or few users only
  • Server not accessible on one or few computers
  • One or few users cannot access internet
  • One or few computers are running slow

Priority LOW, Immediate - 24 hours

Customer requests general configuration or scheduled assistance to optimize performance or solution of their service/product.


  • Need guidance to setup a new system
  • Need guidance to fix a mistake (Unless the mistake caused a High Priority issue)
  • Invoicing Issue
  • Presence Server issues
  • New staff profile creation
  • Billing issues
  • Disputes

Major Breakdown, Depends on damage 1hour- 2weeks


  • Server crash
  • Emails exchange service crash
  • Internet down in the area
  • Building caught fire
  • Natural disasters

Support is provided Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:00 

Tickets can be logged by

1. Sending email to

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