IT Support For Property

Rapid IT Support as a tool to broaden your Real Estate business network

Convincing someone to buy or rent a house, apartment, or commercial property in London requires a strategy equipped with the right tools. Either you are a real estate agent handling property for sale or a property management company trying to expand your client outreach, you cannot achieve the desired goals without delivering business service as per the clients’ expectations. Rapid IT Support for the property becomes the best digital tool for the property sector as per the industry requirements. The ultimate purpose of our services is to make you focused on your business.

Rapid IT Support Services for Property Sector

Rapid IT Support provides diverse services to cover every aspect of the property industry. We offer:

  • IT Consultancy to suggest suitable technology for your property business.
  • Quick IT Audit for businesses of estate agents and letting agents handling the residential and commercial property.
  • Complete IT Audit of existing IT infrastructure of property investment and management companies.
  • Managed IT Support for software and hardware installation in your office premises.
  • Remote and Onsite Troubleshooting for any technical inconsistency.
  • Backup and Recovery in case of a hardware disaster.

IT Support For Property
IT Support For Property

Partner with the people who understand property industry challenges

Connecting with some random IT support London based company for property may end in disrupting your budget and business goals. Perform your checklist before doing the agreement and ensure that either the service provider understands your industry well or not. Rapid IT Support has been working with the reputed property management services and investment firms across the UK. We understand the challenges faced by the property sector and hence our support services are compatible with the best property management systems.

What You will get when partnering with Us?

Rapid IT values each client regardless of their business capita. You will enjoy these IT support services when becoming our partner:

  • Friendly and experienced technical helpdesk staff.
  • 24/7 remote assistance via call, chat, and email.
  • A dedicated team of support engineers assigned to your business.
  • Continuous monitoring of your IT hardware to track service efficiency
  • Scheduled service reports sent to the client regularly.
  • Latest technology updates installed on time.
  • Bug detection and troubleshooting included.
  • Industry-centered technology suggestions.

IT Support For Property

SLA designed to help compliance with regulations

We understand that the property industry is strictly regulated by HM Land Registry, National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team (NTSEAT) and many other concerned departments. Therefore, we have designed our SLA in a way that will help the businesses successful in compliance with government policies and regulations. We urge real estate agents and letting agents to read and understand the SLA before signing the agreement with a London IT support service provider. We are happy to make any suitable changes in the agreement upon request.

IT Support For Property

Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask us directly if you didn’t find the answer to your question.

Yes, we understand the new normal of the business. Therefore, we ensure smoother support to the agents working from home or any remote location.
Although we are a London-based IT support service provider, we provide IT support to every real estate stakeholder across the UK.
We believe that ‘One size does not fit for all.’ So, our service charges are based on the scale of your business and the type of services you avail of.
Yes, our remote team will answer your support query even after business hours. They will resolve the query instantly if possible, otherwise, they will assign the ticket to the relevant department.
Can you purchase new hardware for my property business?
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