Rapid IT- Made for Small and Medium Businesses

IT is the backbone of every business today and it cannot last without an effective IT support. In current era, the businesses face a lot of competition and they need a strong IT infrastructure to make them unrivalled. Here comes Rapid IT, which understands the IT needs of SMBs. We have dedicated online and on-site technical support engineers who will make sure your IT runs smoothly.

Why We are choice of SMB?

Some of the features that we  have designed especially for SMBs:

  • 24/7/365 Support: No delay in support provision throughout the year.
  • Deployment & Maintenance by Experienced IT Experts: Our on-ground technical experts can take care of every machine and software during deployment. They do the maintenance too!
  • Multiple Support Options: We offer multiple support options; Online and Onsite- whichever the way you like, we are available.
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing: We understand your financial aspects. Our Pricing starts from as low as £20.
  • Dedicated IT Expert: Our IT experts available online and on-site work together until your issue is resolved.

Every client query is TOP PRIORITY for us!

London is a city with often changing business requirements. Companies need to update change management every day. Hence, they need IT services to help them implement these changes. We value their business requirements. So we treat every client query as a Top Priority. Our support engineers resolve the issue at the earliest, according to the nature of the issue. We do not settle unless the issue is resolved. No query is closed until YOU show your satisfaction.

Trusted by every leading industry in London

London is a multinational metropolitan with all kinds of MNC and SMB. We can find almost every other business headquarter in London. Our IT Support services in Central London are not limited to a few businesses. We proudly serve the leading businesses in the following industries:

Rapid IT has trust recognition by every industry in its portfolio. These figures reflect our success:

  • 95% of our clients are happy to do business with us.
  • 78% of our clients in Central London, love to get IT support from us.
  • 54% are our permanent clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

No business can survive without having effective IT Services. IT support makes your business transactions successful timely. With an updated IT system, you will focus better on your business goals.
We cover every single instance of your IT infrastructure in our support coverage. We care about every computer, router, and any other IT device in your office premises. Our coverage applies to its 24/7 monitoring and maintenance.
We are an IT support services and consultancy firm focused on small and medium businesses. Our pricing and service features are designed according to the requirements of your company. In short, we believe in One size does not fit for all.
We never compromise on customer data protection. Our SLA affirms the client’s data protection. We also ensure the safe and secure running of your hardware devices.
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