Indirect Connection to the CCS-UK System

We offer an Indirect Connection by establishing a VPN connection between your Internet connection and the CCS-UK System. This VPN connection, and so the Indirect Connection established, is entirely managed by Rapid IT Support, so you do not have to. The VPN connection that we provide is cheaper, reliable, and flexible.

Key Feature:

  • A free setup and engineering visit on the initial connection-configuration
  • Helpdesk for you 24/7
  • A 3G backup 
  • Out-of-band access for the router
  • Futuristic: and so as adaptable to latest fiber technologies
  • Flexible enough to provide Internet access, email, and remote access
  • An Enterprise-level Cisco 887VA router with a managed firewall
  • Adaptable enough to provide CNS, MCP & Pendant access

CCS-UK System - IT Support London
CCS-UK System - IT Support London

Can you do it over the Internet yourself?

CCS-UK, for obvious reasons, has defined that the connections incorporated into their network need to be secure. It, therefore, requires an Internet connection of a certain type. A VPN connection is then created between the very Internet connection and the CCS-UK System. And so, an Indirect connection is established to work. On that account, you cannot simply connect to the CCS-UK System using an Internet connection yourself.

Can your existing Internet connection be used for this purpose?

Rapid IT Support London provides Enterprise-level Cisco equipment, along with a dedicated phone line and an Internet service of a business-class level on the very phone line. This makes us readily available to trouble-shoot the connection if a fault occurs in an exceptional case. That said, your existing Internet Connection can be used, however, it will not be the best and secure practice.

CCS-UK System - IT Support London
CCS-UK System - IT Support London

Why to Choose Rapid IT?

The VPN connection provided by Rapid IT Support London can be adaptable as per the CCS-UK System’s requirements. The support team of BT can be hard to reach at times. However, as for the support team of Rapid IT, it can be reached 24/7. Additionally, when an outage persists, we provide out-of-band access for your router. This makes us more reachable to the hardware present at your site. We have on-hand experience when it comes to troubleshooting and providing fixes to the connections, which makes us the best fit for this job.

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