We Are Offering Tailored IT Support For Dental Practices

Designed to Help You Grow Your Business Faster

The dental industry has changed dramatically in the past decade, dentists and practices are increasingly reliant on technology to run their businesses. If you don't have strong IT support, you may find yourself losing valuable customers to the competition or falling behind technologically.

With Rapid IT, you can rest assured knowing your IT is in reliable hands. We offer IT support for dentists and practices that are growth-focused and tailored to suit your needs. Our team at Rapid IT is dedicated and equipped with advanced education to ensure the best IT support possible.

From Small Practices to Large Organisations

We Understand Your IT Needs and We Work Hard To Provide IT Support For Dental Practices London

  • You can rely on fast, reliable IT support to solve any problem quickly
  • Protect your data and network from evolving threats with smart data and network security
  • Integration of new technologies with existing infrastructure through seamless software integrations
  • Conforming to all regulatory requirements and GDPR
  • A clear plan for recovery in the event of a downtime event and automatic backups
  • A team of certified experts with extensive knowledge of dental practice software and systems
  • Monitoring and ongoing maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure low downtime

We Have The Perfect IT Solution For Your Dental Practice.

Our Expert Team Will Make Sure Your Network Is Always Up And Running.

Remote Access Solutions

A secure, easy-to-manage platform that allows your staff to efficiently collaborate without compromising on data security.

Patient Management

Ensure your patient database is up-to-date and current across all your systems, making sure patients are taken care of both physically and digitally.

Great For Everyone

Whether you're a dentist just starting or someone who's been in practice for a while, we can provide IT support tailored to your practice needs.

We Work Closely With You

We'll provide tailored IT support for your dental Practice, whether that's a specific change you need in an existing system or a brand new IT system designed to fit the needs of your practice.

Dedicated IT Specialist

With a dedicated IT specialist assigned to each client, you can feel confident in your network's security.

IT Support Tailored To You

With a broad range of tailored IT support and solutions for dental practices, we can cover everything from PC/laptop installation to disaster recovery solutions.

A Simple and Seamless Onboarding Process

Changing service providers for your technology needs can seem difficult - but with us, you'll be in good hands. Our well-tested and proven handover process will make the transition much easier for everyone involved.


To provide you with the best possible service, we'll explore your network either on-site or remotely to determine what needs fixing. With this information, we can create a detailed plan of action that includes anything from repairs to upgrades.


Whenever you give us access to your data, you can rest assured that it will be secure. First, we create backups of all your most important files, no matter if they're stored locally or remotely. In addition to these backups, we also install remote monitoring software so you can take comfort in knowing everything is running smoothly.


Upon consultation with you, you and we will then schedule an appointment and implement any upgrades or recommendations identified during the audit.


Once stabilized and up-to-date, we monitor your network for problems so you don't have to. This includes checking for backups, disk space, Windows updates, and antivirus software - all the things that are difficult or time consuming for the average person to do on their own but which will keep your computer running smoothly and securely.

Rapid IT Works Closely With Some Of The Top Dental Software Providers

Our specialists are well-versed in the software programs you use, which means they're a perfect match for your organization. With years of experience in systems such as EXACT, R4, Sidexis, DBSWIN and more - we are here to ensure your day-to-day operations run smoothly. If any assistance is needed from the software provider, we will contact them on your behalf so you can continue focusing on running your business.


Managed IT Services are those in which your organization outsources the responsibility of managing all aspects of your technology to a third party. Many dental practices don't have the capacity or personnel to manage everything, which can result in higher operational costs, lost revenue, cyber-attacks or compliance issues.
Rapid IT Support is your premier source for top-quality IT support and solutions for dental practices. So you can rely on us to help you achieve success in your business
A dental practice needs to take precautions to keep its software updated with the latest patches and security updates. They also need to have a disaster recovery plan in place, so that in the event of a crash, they can restore data quickly. Rapid IT’s scalable IT support for dentists and practices suite helps your dental practice get that much-needed peace of mind.
At Rapid IT, we believe that our clients should have peace of mind knowing their software is running smoothly. If a client needs help with any of their dental software or other systems, Rapid IT knows how to provide support.

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