it support for law firms

Why Do Solicitors need IT Support?

In today’s world, businesses simply can’t afford to have downtime because of computer problems and IT support issues. Rapid IT offers IT support for solicitors so that you never have to worry about your equipment again! 

We can quickly diagnose and fix any problem, no matter how difficult it seems, and even do preventative maintenance to stop problems before they start! Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any IT issues you may have, big or small. 

You need IT support to:

  • Protect your legal documents.
  • Access documents remotely.
  • Avoid any document going missing.
  • Enhance your staff’s work efficiency.
  • Have a better court experience.
  • Help in case of any server or hardware emergency.

Why Rapid IT Support?

Besides the availability of many service providers, why should you choose us?

Here are some aspects that make us the best IT Support for law firms:

  • Requirement-based Solution
  • HSE-standard hardware deployment
  • Case-based Management System
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Authorised Access Only
  • Security- On Premises & Web
  • Remote Data Access 24/7
  • Remote & On-site Support

it support for law firms
it support for law firms

Thinking about how can we improve your work?

Have a quick look at some of our best work practices.

  • Secure authorisation to every device.
  • Advanced staff and admin login panel.
  • Separate case management system for every client.
  • Cloud based data storage.
  • Time scheduling to save time.
  • Routine hardware maintenance check-ups.
  • Technical support provided immediately.
  • We ALWAYS implement your suggestions.

IT Consultancy For Your Law Firm

We are not limited to deploying IT services, rather we provide a comprehensive IT roadmap for your law firm so you can achieve your goals in time.

Our experienced IT consultant will help you with these key IT services:

  • IT Strategy based on your business vision
  • IT Roadmap for any duration you desire
  • Cybersecurity guidance
  • Cost analysis of IT systems
  • Legal software buying guidance
  • Support for IT project

it support for law firms

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Yes, we make a formal agreement both in letter and spirit before working with any client. Our agreement describes every single aspect of our work policies.
As we are GDPR-compliant service provider, we strictly follow SOPs to ensure data protection. Every single bit of your data is stored in our databases and on the cloud which are secure with the latest encryption.
We understand that every person using our software programs needs proper training before using it. Therefore, we imply training to each user, either virtual or on-ground. We further assist the staff with user guides and training manuals.
A project manager is assigned to each job. He is responsible for first-hand communication with clients and for supervising the work delivered. The manager oversees the implementation of the client’s instructions and performs quality checks to find out mistakes and correct them immediately. This increases the cost-efficiency and quality of the deliverables.
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