Legal IT Support

The Most Dependable IT Support Services for Legal Firms

Legal professionals are busy in time tracking, paperwork, deadlines and filings. It goes without saying that you hardly have the time to spend on slow computer systems or those that crash suddenly. But you cannot let any company access sensitive information. Rapid IT is a reliable legal IT services provider, ensuring your maximum attention to practicing and achieving positive results.

Customised Services

We believe that law offices need a completely customised approach to IT support. Therefore, we do not offer stock service packages and a pre-determined IT support box used by other industries. Our IT strategies are designed as per your business’ specific objectives. We work in close collaboration with your team to know the pain points in your workflow. This helps us to work on them and update your software, hardware, data storage functionality, cybersecurity and cloud applications.

Legal IT Support
Legal IT Support

Assistance During Unexpected Events

Are you sure you can handle the adverse effects of unexpected events like cyber threats, power outages or natural calamities? Get in touch with us, for we take a proactive approach in continuing your business by ensuring proper backup and helping you to plan alternate employee care, alternate location and client retention. 

Around the Clock Services

Outsourcing your IT to us gives you access to a specialised team of professionals who can steer your business safely out of any technology-related issue. When you partner with us, rest assured that our IT members, proficient in giving legal IT support will efficiently solve your problems. Not just that, with our expertise, we can research, identify a solution and fix your issues in a fraction of time,

Legal IT Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Offering you holistic IT support is not just our job, we are passionate about it. Rapid IT aims to simplify IT support to meet the requirements of our esteemed clients while being cost and time-efficient and saving them stress. Our staff tries to maintain strict ethical and legal compliance as law firms need additional safeguards. At every step, we strive to use our experience in fetching you success.
For providing legal IT services, we heavily emphasise on the secrecy and security of client information. Before partnering with you, we sign a confidentiality agreement with each client and happily provide a copy of the agreement to you. Additionally, all our employees have to mandatorily sign agreements to not disclose client information in any way. We check the background of each staff before recruiting them.
Our training program is a crucial aspect of our work approach. We guarantee that every new attorney goes through a strict induction program. Right from soft skills, computer skills, legal research, lease abstraction and case summaries to legal writing, introduction to US, Asian and European legal systems and training in client-oriented processes, we do it all and more.
A project manager is assigned to each job. He is responsible for first-hand communication with clients and for supervising the work delivered. The manager oversees the implementation of the client’s instructions and performs quality checks to find out mistakes and correct them immediately. This increases the cost-efficiency and quality of the deliverables.
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