Cost effective forward plannings and IT Recommendations

Rapid It can manage all your institutional electronic devices including computers, projectors, etc, so the teachers can concentrate only on their job. Our future planning and recommendations will help you maintain and run a smooth IT Infrastructure in your school.

Through our IT services, teachers can:

  • Access the school CMS safely.
  • Use virtual whiteboards during the class lectures.
  • Use the projector to enhance the presentation.
  • Regulate BYOD (Bring your own device) policy.
  • Rapid It will ensure the smooth running of all the above.

IT Support for Schools

Rapid IT ensures minimum probability of any downtime.

We understand that schools need a smooth-running IT system to ensure no obstruction in day-to-day academic processes. Hence, we collaborate with our partner schools to run their routine activities (academic and administrative) without any hitch. We do regular checks to make sure there is no downtime in the IT services. In case of a disaster, we provide a rapid backup until we bring you up and running. We provide on-ground and Cloud Back up to ensure your school data protection.

IT Support for Schools
IT Support for Schools

Scheduled, Regular On-site Visits.

Our It experts can schedule with you regular school visits to make sure everything is working fine and all devices are in good shape.

Out of schedule, if a problem does not require a visit it can be resolved for you remotely by our IT technician. Our 24/7 Support professionals track the issue and do not close the query until you are not satisfied.

IT Support for Schools

Rapid IT Doesn’t Settle for Less.

Rapid It constitutes of technicians who have extensive experience in the deployment of IT hardware and software technology. After the installation, we offer you any required training for the staff and will keep backing you up, by being there for you 24/7.

Any minor or major query will not go unattended by us.

Rapid Help During Covid-19

Keeping the current Covid situation in mind, where schools may need to provide online classes out of the classrooms. Rapid IT will set up an ongoing support system for you to manage the smooth running of online classes. We will be easily accessible for you during these stressful times so the academic processes are not hindered at any cost.

IT Support for Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Schools gather and manage a lot of data daily. People in the administration cannot store and then track all of that data without the help of an effective IT system. So every school, wherever it is located, requires IT services.
Administrator can manage the IT services but it will distract them from the primary responsibilities. So, it's better to assign this task to an independent technical team. The team can be from the company or you can also create a technical team if you can afford it.
We never compromise on safety, especially children's. Each device will be secure from any online safety threat.
Machines are hardware and they can malfunction. In case of any hardware disaster, we request you to follow our safety guidelines so nobody gets harmed. Our on-site engineers will try to resolve the issue ASAP as they arrive on campus. In mean time we will providen you a rapid back up.
Teachers can use tablets, computers, projectors, and other computing devices to present the latest information in the classroom. It will help the students to understand the topic quickly in the class.
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