6 Common Laptop/PC Problems and their Solution

In the current century, everything from homes, offices, schools, and hospitals is dependent on technology in one way or the other. The accessories like mobile, tablets, laptops, and computers have become a life necessity. Obviously, these devices always don’t work properly, sometimes due to any malfunction problems persists in such devices. Especially, the users of laptops and PC face several problems that lead to loss of important data. In this article, we are going to tell briefly about some of the most common problems of laptops and PC and also how to solve these problems. Following is the list of some common problems and we are going to explain them one by one.

• Slow Performance

In the start, when we buy new laptops they work properly and with full efficiency, but sometimes these devices slow down. We feel like when we want to open an application of browser then it takes a lot of time. This is acceptable if we are using the system for ourselves, but if we are using such systems for our business or work then this is absolutely not acceptable. This wastes a lot of time and if the problem persists for a long time then sometimes we lose some data that is important to us.

Now to solve this problem, first of all, check for the applications that are using most of the memory or space and if they are not necessarily close such applications. If you want to use such apps in the future then close them temporarily to release the burden of the system. Secondly, change the settings of all such programs that open automatically, when you turn on your laptop/PC. Such apps can be the major reason for the slow performance of the devices. Some viruses and malware are also the reason for the slow performance of laptops/PC, so scan for such viruses and malware as quickly as you can and remove them before they cause further trouble. Rapid IT Support London is the best IT services provider in town and the organizations or institutes affiliated with us don’t even bother to worry about such problems. This is because we always keep the systems of our clients up-to-date and make sure that they are running at the required pace. Even if such problems like system slowing down occurs then our professional IT teams are available 24/7 and troubleshoot the problem as swiftly as they can.

• Printer Error

In the offices, one of the main problems of technology that troubles the most is the printing error. When there is a work burden and a deadline is coming, mostly the printing errors occur at such crucial moments and are very troublesome. Printing errors and problems mostly include paper tray problems, toner problems, or some input problems.

The solution of printing problems is mostly solved by just restarting the printer in the first place. Other than that the problem may also be due to some issues in the system, so check for any problem in the system also. IT Support London through their managed IT Support Services make sure that all the printers and printing devices are working properly. Through our small business IT Support services, the employees of such businesses can focus more on work than on such problems because our IT technicians took care of such problems, even before they persist.

• Window Update

The users of laptops/PC allow access to several applications to auto-update specifically windows auto update. Now there are several different application that don’t even need an update for their proper working but still go for auto update. Also windows auto update takes a lot of time, all such applications occupy a lot of system space and slow down the system. The solution of such problems lies in changing the settings of all such applications to not allowing them to auto-update. Every time such updates must be done manually and only those apps should be updated that require the update for their smooth running. IT Support London regularly updates all the necessary apps that are essential for their clients business and system. In that way the clients can calmly focus on their work and let us handle their system in highly professional way.

• Viruses and Auto Restart

With the advancement in technology, viruses and malwares are also increasing day by day and damage our laptops/PC in several different ways. They slow down the system, corrupt important data, and even force the system to auto restart, this greatly affect the system performance. Such viruses and malwares enter the devices by various means like from any portable device, USB, or even from the websites that are not secure. In the offices where the data is of utmost importance such viruses cause drastic damage. Law firms, small business are more vulnerable than other organizations because of their confidential data. Such viruses need to be dealt with immediately, if we want to save our system and data.  The services of Rapid IT Support London includes Small Business IT Support and IT Support for Law, through these services we regularly update anti-virus software and keep an eye on spamming. This is to secure your data from such viruses and malwares.

• Battery Issues

The batteries of laptops sometimes stop providing enough power to keep the laptop on or stop charging. In most cases the battery storage time is reduced to just few minutes. This greatly affects our work productivity or if we want to use our laptop away from electricity sockets. Such problems can be dealt with by buying genuine and authentic batteries. These problems are not always because of battery issues, but the electricity supply and the power cable are also sometimes responsible for damaging the battery. So, we must check first if there is any issue regarding the power cable then we must replace the cable with a new one and also keep the electricity supply at the required voltage.

• Heating and Fan Problems

Laptop and PC overheating and fan problems are now among some of the most common problems. Fan slowing down of turning off is not a problem in most cases, as if we are not using our system then it will automatically slows down the fan and turns it off until we use the system again. But if we are using the system and still the fan is not working properly then there must be a problem with it. Heating problem in laptop and PC greatly affect the performance of our systems and cause the system to shut down in some cases. Such problems can be overcome with proper cleaning of the system on a regular basis. Also check the bearings of the fan as the stuck sometimes causing it to stop. In all of these cases it is desirable to replace the fan in first place. IT Support London’s professional and technical staff regularly inspect all the devices of their affiliated institutions and organizations and keep them running smoothly and effectively for maintaining the work productivity.

It is essential that we take good care of our laptop and PC, check it regularly, scan for viruses, clean it properly, and always have a data backup plan. Rapid IT Support London is among the top companies that provide all such IT services and take great care of your devices and systems for you.

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