Best IT Support Services for Real Estate Industry in London

Rapid IT Support provides its managed IT Support Services to the real-estate sector as per the requirements of the real estate industry. We help property-related companies to achieve their desired goals in the required amount of time. We provide you the best IT Support Services and peace of mind so that you can focus on your business.

  • Real-estate IT Audit
  • Managed IT Support Services for Property
  • Remote and In-house Troubleshooting
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Comprehensive and Secure Solutions
  • Cybersecurity

1. Real-Estate IT Audit

IT Audit of the real estate companies is essential for their proper growth. Rapid IT Support London provides a quick IT Audit as well as a Complete IT Audit in order to make sure that the real-estate company is using its resources in the best possible way. IT Support London makes the perfect business strategy through its IT infrastructure that helps the real estate companies in better property investment and for managing their companies in an orderly manner.

2. Managed IT Support Services for Property

Rapid IT Support London when the partner with a property company then it makes sure that the company is using the best available software and that there quality hardware is used throughout the company systems. As we are in direct and constant contact with the IT industry so we know the vendors who provide the best equipment and hardware that are equally well in quality as well. IT Support London make sure that all of the printers and devices used by your staff in the company are up-to-date and inspect them regularly for smooth working.

3. Remote and In-house Troubleshooting

If the property companies need remote IT Support Services then Rapid IT Support London provides remote IT Services. And if the companies need an in-house IT Team then we provide them with a dedicated in-house IT team that will provide your company a 24/7 IT Support. Our It Technicians are just a phone call distance away from your office if you need our remote IT Services for any kind of software or hardware inconsistency. We also provide if and when required services to the property companies which means that you have no need to hire a permanent IT Support Company you can use our services whenever you need them.

4. Backup and Recovery

Rapid IT Support London keeps a backup of data of all of its affiliated and partner companies just in case of a hardware disaster or any kind of data loss. So that the company will not lose any of its valuable data and always have a backup which will provide the company owners complete peace of mind by not letting them worry about their data. This kind of data recovery helps the company to get back on track in no time and keep its systems running with the same working capacity.

5. Comprehensive and Secure Solutions

Rapid IT Support London provides the IT Support for Property Sector with all kind of software that they need and make sure that all the software are certified and run smoothly without any defect. We also make sure that the devices that companies staff is using are using the upgraded editions, this will help the companies compete in the real estate market as the real estate market is highly competitive sector and need regular and 24/7 IT Support for better results.

6. Cybersecurity

All property service companies have confidential and personal information including employee’s devices and office systems. we provide Small Business IT Support security against all kinds of cyber-theft and cybercriminals. Cybersecurity for the property companies is also considered essential as they have wide lists of customer records that need protection from cyber thefts. And also they need password security for their employees and office systems as well.

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