Tips to secure your data from increasing cyber-theft activities

Try Rapid IT Support for quality IT Support in London and save or secure your important data from increasing cyber theft activities. Following are some of the tips that can help you in the security of your valuable data

• Around the clock data monitoring
• Password Management
• Devices Protection
• Proper Awareness for Employees
• Multi-Factor Authentication
• Managed Email & Antivirus

Around the clock data monitoring

In this advanced world, where there are several advances in the rapidly growing IT industry, there is also an increase in cyber-theft activities. So organizations, banks, legal firms and educational institutions etc. all need to watch their valuable data around the clock for its security. As most of the data is confidential or is important to secure from others access. IT Support London provides a fully managed IT infrastructure that makes sure the proper security of your valuable data and secure it from cyber-criminals. 24/7 data monitoring is essential as any cyber-activity can happen anytime and it is very important to make sure the security of data in the best possible way as you can.

data monitoring

Password Management

One of the main reasons for data breach is that your employees use the same weak passwords most often for their business accounts as for the accounts that they use personally. So a data breach becomes very easy for cyber criminals as they predict weak passwords with the help of technology and run them against your email accounts to gain access and that will become very harmful for your business. Rapid IT provides small business IT support which also includes password management strategies by which we encourage employees how to use a strong password and how to secure their devices from data theft. We also help the employees to amend weak passwords and generate and secure complex passwords. Try Rapid IT Support for quality IT Support in London.

password management

Devices Protection

In most of the offices, organizations and institutes devices are considered the best storage option for valuable data. Now if your data is important and confidential then are you sure that this data is secure and safe from cyber-theft. And if your devices or any device got stolen along with valuable client’s information then this can cost you a lot and damage your company’s reputation. IT Support London provides such kind of IT services that will encrypt the data of the stolen devices in such a way that if they fall into wrong hands then your data cannot be used maliciously. Along with that we always keep a backup/recovery option for your lost data and can also recover the data if the stolen device is found by decryption.

devices protection

Proper Awareness for Employees

Most of the cyber activities happen because of the unawareness of employees to the kind of tools and strategies used by cyber criminals these days. Now in order to preserve your reputation and data you need to educate your employees about the ways and harms that cyber-theft can bring to your business. Rapid IT Support can arrange seminars and workshops for your employees in which we provide necessary cybersecurity awareness. We also provide your employees with short and descriptive video content that will help them in understanding cyber-attacks and threats in a better way. Then we will take some assessments which will ensure that all the employees are properly educated about cybersecurity and that they have the potential to tackle cyber threats or at the least to pinpoint if there is any unusual cyber activity so that we can work in accordance and take some necessary actions.


Multi-Factor Authentication

The usual password selection techniques are not working anymore and now the data and log-in information is more vulnerable than ever. Cybercriminals are getting advanced technologies and creating more sophisticated attacks. A Multi-Factor Authentication will provide layered protection to your passwords. Especially small business IT Support requires this kind of practice as a single cyber-attack can destroy their whole business. In multi-factor authentication the passwords will be linked with more than one protection method such as the employees will be asked to answer one or more questions about their personal life and these questions will be selected randomly and with care to ensure maximum protection. By these practices, if the cybercriminals get access to your passwords then they will be unable to log in because of this two or more factor authentication system.

multi factor authentication

Managed Email & Antivirus

With the advanced technology, viruses are also becoming advanced that can enter your system without you knowing and can cause harm to your precious data and information. The traditional antivirus software is not enough to stop these advanced viruses and you will have to keep an experienced and professional team of IT technicians at your workplace all the time to ensure the security of your IT systems. Now the cybercriminals use spam or viruses to attack your systems via email. For example by gaining access to your email they can convince your employees to provide important financial or personal data information and cause a financial or reputational loss. So you need to implement a proper email security system for the management of your email. This Managed IT practice will filter the emails before arriving in your inbox, this will also allow you to review the email before opening it to check if it is a fraudulent or spam email.

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