Need of IT Support in London for Educational Institutes

  • Hardware and Software
  • Licensing
  • Technical Support
  • Wireless Solutions and Mobile Device Management
  • In-House IT
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Cost Reductions
  • Study from Home

Hardware and Software

As the emerging age, the need for digital technology is increasing day by day, especially in educational institutions. IT support and services came in handy in the selection and maintenance of the hardware and software being used for educational purposes.  The software’s from graphics to tutorial software all need proper and timely maintenance and up-gradation as the digital technology is evolving at a rapid pace so the students should get the latest technology possible. IT support for schools in London are always a good and quick source for such kind of urgencies.

hardware and software


For educational institutions software licensing is very important to enjoy and benefit from all the perks of educational software like Microsoft, educational games, etc. IT services make sure that the proper agreement is done between the educational institution and the licensing authority. IT support London helps to get the open License for academic features and benefits. This Microsoft open license is especially for academic institutions as it has a flexible licensing agreement and offers savings over retail Microsoft software while giving you the benefits of a volume-based licensing agreement. A typical software license grants the licensee, typically end-user, and permission to use one or more copies of the software in ways where such a use would otherwise potentially constitute copyright infringement of the software owner's exclusive rights under copyright. Rapid IT Support provides the proper licensing for all the required software to educational institutions.


Technical Support

Technical support of educational institutions means the person that performs the first layer of troubleshooting when something goes wrong with the school technology. He also answers the help desk calls and discusses the problem with the end-user. IT support and services in London provide all the necessary staff that will make sure user-friendly performance of the system and software and provides 24/7 help desks for the smooth running of educational activities.

technical support

Wireless Solutions and Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management or MDM is very much important for educational institutions as the positive use of these devices is very important for the students. The educational institutions need IT services for device inventory and tracking, application distribution or an enterprise application store, password enforcement, data encryption enforcement, and most importantly for application whitelisting and blacklisting. Small Business IT support London helps educational institutions to restrict or block inappropriate content and applications for student’s safety. There are numerous problems and issues regarding Wifi and wireless related devices. The IT services staff make sure the solution of all these problems whether remotely and in-house maintenance.

wireless solutions and mobile device management

In-House IT Support

 The in-house IT support not only solves the system and software-related issues but also provides training to the educational staff so that they can cope with the minor difficulties that they face relating to technology or systems. IT support and services in London also provide in-house staff to educational institutions so that they maintain the systems and provide a scheduled service to the staff and the students.

IT Support

Competitive Landscape

As the advancement in technology is going at a very rapid pace so it is very important for educational institutions to use the latest technology and equipment for learning so that the students can keep up with the pace of technology. IT support and services interact with the educational institutions to form a competitive policy in order to maintain their educational background and compete with other quality institutions.

competitive landscape

Cost Reductions

The IT support and services department is continuously linked with the vendors and market so that they know and provide their affiliated institutions with the most cost-effective equipment and machinery. As the timely maintenance of the systems at educational institutions is the key for continuous educational activities so the timely availability of these systems and up-gradation of these systems is very important. IT support and services in London provide the systems and equipment at very cheap rates.

cost reductions

Study from Home

In these days of pandemic study from home is the only solution so that the time of the students does not go waste. Technology allows students to help each other and work together for better understanding and interaction with their teachers for online learning. IT support and services in London provide the educational institutions with the best and effective software for online learning and also for staff meetings. IT support and services also provide maintenance services to the educational institutions' staff at their doorstep making sure the safety of the staff and their families.

study from home

All of these reasons strongly urge educational institutions to hire and consult the best IT support services. We at IT support London make sure to provide our linked educational institutions with the best possible and most suitable and secure products that all their students and staff can easily and securely use and make sure that the work from home experience works best in the student’s and educational institution’s interest.

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